Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why women should not be allowed to vote... least while a hot guy is on the list of candidates.

Cricinfo are currently deciding on the South African All Time XI. There is a panel of judges (none of them female) which will make the final decision, but we knowledgeable commoners also have a chance to vote for who we believe should make the team.

At the moment, the focus is the middle order, and the options are Jacques Kallis, Daryl Cullinan, Dudley Nourse, Graeme Pollock, Herbie Taylor and AB de Villiers. Now, I go off to vote with perfectly legitimate intentions. Reading down the list I give a big TICK to Kallis and a big TICK to Pollock. And this is where my reason deserts me and female instinct overtakes. I see the photo of AB de Villiers. Not just any photo, but one in which he looks particularly gorgeous. I can't not vote for him! Even though he probably has no place at all in an all-time XI at this moment, I know who my third vote is going to.

And if some politicians are good-looking then women shouldn't vote, for the sake of democracy and the country. Luckily, in Australia, politicians are as ugly as vogons, or very very old.


sir_wernich said...

the closest politics has ever come to having a real looker is that short guy from france's wife.

The MG said...

Oh yes. Other female politicians (Helen Clark, Margaret Thatcher etc) have been downright hideous.

And we won't even mention Sarah Palin - someone I know actually dressed up as her for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

What an ignorant superficial woman you are, thinking all other women are like YOU. How in the world could you ever think that women are unable to use their reason just because a man is good looking ? oh PLEASE tell me more about men to the fact they are totally safe from being influenced by appearances.Tell me more about the body shape and personnality so much men try to force on women. But hey women should not vote right? Lets go back hundred years before! And you feel so right about it you did a post on the net? Poor brainless girl, you must be one hella patience tester. So much ingrained preconceived ideas. YUK