Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh rubbish

England are 47/5 and Collingwood and Prior are out. Trott and Prior remain the only hopes. My love for Test Match Sofa can only stretch so far.

Still, it's better focusing on this than on the current Australian election. When a third of your hopes lie in the lap of Bob Katter, you should be worried.

England are in trouble

And being the sulk I am, I'm seriously considering switching off the radio. Or would be, if Test Match Sofa weren't so entertaining. However, England are in a quagmire at the moment, with Strauss and Pietersen in the sheds (Cook is a free wicket anyway - they'd be better off opening with Jimmy Anderson). Our hopes lie with Trott, Collingwood and Prior, and resistance from the tail to make a decent score. Followed up by brilliant bowling and some helpful conditions. I'm clutching at straws, I know. Anyway, it's given me something to blog about, albeit briefly.

A referral. Pakistan may have Collingwood out LBW. Bother.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm back

There have been many instances in history and mythology of people returning from the dead. Lazarus. Jesus. El Cid. Frankenstein. Dracula. Mohammad Yousuf. Mohammad Asif. Most of the Pakistan team, in fact. But none of these startling returns matches this one. No one could have been less likely to return to this existence than me. Unless Younis Khan comes back, that is.

Anyway, I'm back, I love youse all, and I'm going to stand up, move this blog forward in the most fair dinkum way possible to make sure all blog readers get a fair shake of the sauce bottle. Yes I will. Sorry, post-election trauma. I'll try to make sure that doesn't happen again.

I'm not sure how long this revival will last, or if it's like Luigi Galvani's frog. (*BZZZ* "I'm alive, I'm alive! Oh, I'm not.) Or, alternatively, Shahid Afridi's return to Test cricket. But, while I'm here, I'd better make the best of it and bite some balls, play some loose shots and make a few more enemies. I hope you are entertained but, if not, I'll carry on anyway.