Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The death of cricket

It's official, folks. Cricket is on it's deathbed. Or on death row, perhaps. Rather than choosing a young, innovative go-getter to breathe life back into all formats, John Winston Howard, whom I assume might appreciate some of the views declared by a certain member of the public in my last post, has been voted President of the ICC.

Yes, the man who couldn't get a ball to reach the batsman, who lost his seat and the election catastrophically (for him) in 2007, who brought us fabrications such as "Children Overboard" and the affirmation of WMDs in Iraq, IR laws and other measures against freedom and equality and claimed that apologising to the Stolen Generation was an act of navel-gazing (rather, it was a rather ugly bit of history that he'd rather not think about).

Still, the clock's ticking, John. 2012 is a long way away for an old chap like you.

Meanwhile, it's time to start investing in Akubra hats, as I'm sure his first action will be to make them part of a mandatory dress code at the cricket.


Stani Army said...

Disgraceful decision. The guy makes me sick. Do something MG! I have an idea, give the prime-ministership back to Howard and bring K Rudd in as ICC President :) Result!

Seriously, I don't think he will last long when he takes over.

The MG said...

Hopefully, Lou.

On another note, seems the Libs have gone from bad to worse with Abbott. JWH was cunning, this guy's a nutcase.