Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kill me now

So much stuff has happened since I last posted. Mazhar Majeed, a century for Broad, Herschelle Gibbs' biography, Mickey Arthur's biography, the rise and rise of Test Match Sofa (who may be on the verge of world domination) and so on.

Day 3 at the Gabba, and all is going to shit. As we knew deep down it would. I'm trying to convince myself otherwise but we are well and truly fucked and it turned out to be a hedgehog, not a gerbil. Perhaps this is the one forgettable match, like Headingley was in 2009, but despite the excellent work of Jimmeh with the ball, I am fast losing hope.

So, kill me now. Let me die in peace, without having to see the repulsive face of a celebrating Ricky Ponting. It's tea now; lace it with cyanide, please.


Soulberry said...

Long way to go before Ponting gets his hands on the urn. Banish the cyanide instantly!

The MG said...

Thanks for the hope, Soulberry. Anyway, I'm not going to let him get his grubby little fingers on even a replica, because if Australia are winning, I am going to blast him with death rays from my eyes. Or perhaps we could ask Yuvraj to fire-fart him? Although I get the feeling Ponting would be massively turned on by that.

Unknown said...

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