Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I hate nightwatchmen. Like many, I'm sure. The concept is stupid, the execution is even more stupid and the whole thing is, overall, just...stupid. Today's major beef is that I think they negatively impact upon the batting of the proper batsman, by a) giving him one extra thing to think about and b) putting all run-scoring pressure onto the said batsman. Meanwhile, they're worse equipped to face difficult bowling (often in failing light).

And, if your nightwatchman gets out before stumps, do you bring in another? The case, based on the usual logic of using them, is even stronger now than when the first one came in. Where does the madness stop?


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. What is the point? How can a non-batsman be better equipped to face a few difficult end-of-day overs than a proper batsman? The idea of a tail-ender 'protecting' a batsman is absurd. As you said, if he gets out, do you send in another one or the batsman who should have gone in anyway? And if he survives till the next morning he will simply be taking up crease time which would be far better used by someone who can actually bat.

The MG said...

Exactly! And thanks for the comment, I have sadly neglected my blog because it sometimes felt I was talking to nobody. So it's lovely to know that people do read it!

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