Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A few notes, post Tea

  1. Johnson’s wayward legside deliveries are faster than Hilfenhaus’ wayward legside deliveries.
  2. After Johnson finally managed to bowl a ball that could be reached by the bat (and that didn’t go to the boundary) Clarke clapped for an inordinate length of time, like an ignoramus during a brief pause in Sonata Pathetique.
  3. VB is too dreadful to tempt even me.
  4. One Indian mynah should be fined for multiple pitch invasions.
  5. There are pigeons at the ground, so I’m glad I’m not listening to Henry Blofeld.
  6. There is a slight delay between sights and sounds on the cricket pitch, making it look like a badly-dubbed movie.
  7. Drinks breaks are a lot faster live.
  8. Flying bails only look beautiful when the ball is bowled by my team.
    (Strauss was just bowled for 60, by the way.)

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