Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Get some close fielders in, Radley

Strauss thinks that he'll somehow get the South Africans out by boring them into mad batting. He obviously has never watched a Jacques Kallis innings. Stop giving them easy singles, Straussy - England need wickets, and fast.

My man AB de Villiers is in at the moment, but I hope he gets out for nothing. England comes first.


Stani Army said...

"My man"? MG, he's a good Christian boy, stop trying to spoil him.

Don't you think he's got too many teeth in his mouth though? And when he smiles it looks as if his teeth are jostling to get to the front of his mouth in order to be seen?

Awesome fielder though.

The MG said...

Too many teeth? Perhaps, but so do I. Better than no teeth at all!

Stani Army said...

What you trying to say? :)

The MG said...

It's an ego thing, Stani. I'm hoping to make big, excessive teeth a hallmark of beauty. The idea is yet to reach Hollywood, but I'm trying.