Sunday, January 24, 2010

Off to the SCG today

And I'm going to be doing my patriotic duty by cheering against Ponting, as usual. However, Pakistan better turn up, because I will be very, very pissed off if I have to pay $85 to watch Australia win. Especially if the win is orchestrated by Ricky himself, or the world's biggest bogan Cameron White.

I'm off to pack the sandwiches and organise the water. Hopefully it doesn't rain.


Purna said...

Pakistan will probably put in an entertaining performance. Big hits, throw wickets, dropped catches. Maybe they will drop Ricky.

The MG said...

Purna!!! Well, at least if they do drop Ricky I can take out my revenge on them.

Purna said...

Will you throw bottles at them? :D

Stani Army said..., that only happens in India.

Would you like me to reimburse you MG?

Anonymous said...

Christ, if I was worried about supporting bogans, I wouldn't follow cricket at all.

The MG said...

Stani, I would love that.

Lou, speaking about bogans, there were so many at the cricket. My friend had beer spilled on her four times by the people behind her, before they were thrown out. Cameron should have given them a wave.