Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This better bloody go as expected!

On the page, it all looks rosy. Australia are leading Pakistan by a piddly margin of 80 runs on a pitch that is slowing by the hour with only two wickets in hand. I should be guaranteed a sound night's sleep (once I've finished with the match in South Africa at least).

Except for one thing. Michael Hussey. After spending the first part of his career looking like the new Bradman and the second looking like the new Hughes (Philip), Muss seems to have found some balance. He no longer makes bowlers cower at his invincibility, but neither is he the walking wicket of the past few seasons. I am still scarred by his late-wicket partnerships with Stuart Clark and Glenn McGrath, both who defended rather less competently than Siddle can. We must not - I repeat must not - have that kind of thing happen again, or I will cry. Nobody wants me to cry, do they?

Mike Hussey does.


PS. Meanwhile, Daryl Harper has done something completely expected and made a dreadful decision over at Sahara Park. Actually, had it not been for the UDRS (and a successful appeal by Prince) that decision might have sat alongside Steve Bucknor's not-out verdict in Sydney as a decision that sparked a diplomatic incident. Only I don't really think South Africans go in for diplomatic incidents these days. The ball was about as close to the bat as David Warner is to Test cricket.


Stani Army said...

Don't worry MG, we'll sort this out. Stani Army to the rescue! (boy are we gonna cock this up)

p.s, I heard David Warner's best mate's name is 'Test cricket' and that they're pretty close.

The MG said...

Yep, your boys cocked it up big time. If I'd been at the SCG instead of working, I would have been throwing rotten vegetables (except that I can't afford vegetables or tickets of any sort at the moment).

Damn you Michael Hussey, you evil sadist.